Treat Card

Tranquil Beauty Treat Card

We have a loyalty scheme called a “Treat Card” – a card with a unique number assigned to your client record. You will have been given one from any visit after May 2017, and all new clients are given one on their first appointment.

You will be asked for the card every time you pay, and will accrue points.  These points will accumulate, and your client record will tell us how many points you have and whether you have any Treats you can redeem. Treats must be booked with a full price treatment of a minimum of £30.

More information is below (and is the T&C’s of our Treat Card loyalty scheme):

  • Every time you pay for a treatment, you will accrue points based on your spend, and these points are added to your client record
  • To accrue points, you must show your Treat Card, or tell us your Treat Card number, at time of payment
  • Certain treatments have been allocated Treat points and when you have enough points, ‘Treats’ will appear on your client record
  • Treats can only be redeemed when you accompany it with a full price treatment
  • Special offers and discounted treatments cannot be booked as an accompanying Treat appointment
  • Treat points cannot be used as cash against treatments
  • Treat point treatments cannot be upgraded for you to pay the difference
  • Only one Treat can be redeemed at each full paying appointment
  • Treats are subject to change and no notice will be given
  • Treats cannot be redeemed for cash or products
  • Treats can only be used by the Treat card client and are not transferable to anyone else
  • Treats cannot be used in December, January, June or July
  • To see what treats you have accrued, you will need toask us when you pay
  • If you can’t find your Treat Card, we will give you one of our appointment cards with your Treat number and process the points manually on the day. However, we will only do this once, so if on your next treatment you can’t find the loyalty card or the appointment card with your number, then no treat points will be added
  • If you want a new plastic card, we will charge you £5 for the replacement