Crystal Clear ‘COMCIT’ treatments

We have teamed up with Crystal Clear, one of the UK’s leading skincare companies, to offer Crystal Clear’s fabulous new COMCIT facial treatments!

The photo below shows the face of Tranquil Beauty’s owner (Anna) after only one side has been treated with the Crystal Clear COMCIT ‘Frozen’ Facial treatment – the left side as you look at the photo – instant results already!

“I am really passionate about only taking on new treatments I know work so always test them out on myself. Kerry from Crystal Clear gave me a ‘Frozen’ treatment in the demo. After she had treated half my face, I took a photo to compare sides and the  results were fantastic! I was so impressed I decided to buy the COMCIT machine – it’s a big invesment for a small business but I think the photos of me show how good this machine is!”

Crystal Clear COMCIT can deliver a number of different treatments and we have introduced 3. Click on anything underlined to take you through to more information on our website or to book. All the photos below are either of Anna or one of her clients – no stock photography from Tranquil!




Crystal Clear Frozen Treatment

What … Super-cooled oxygen nourishes & invigorates; micro-channels allow Hyaluronic Acid into deep layers of skin, along with oxygen to significantly reduce lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate skin texture and firmness.  Add Microdermabrasion to give an even better result!
Why … Intense and painfree treatment for quick but long lasting results for lines, wrinkles and loss of skin tone. An alternative to Botox/fillers;  No downtime
Frequency … a course is necessary for long-term results – 6 treatments over 12 weeks, then one a month for maintenance
Cost … from £495* a course with £60 free products and one 1/2 price. Can be paid in 2 installments.  Maintenance from £90* – £100 a month (*without Microdermabrasion)
Photos below show results before and after one Frozen treatment

with Microdermabrasionwithout Microdermabrasion


Crystal Clear H20 Red Carpet Glow treatment

What   … Some of the elements of the Frozen facial, but less intense for a one-off treatment for a special event. Add Microdermabrasion to give an even better result!
Why … for special occasions to give ‘red-carpet ready’ results. No downtime.
Frequency … one off treatment or to replace your usual monthly facial
Cost … £90 without Microdermabrasion, and £100 with

Photos below show results before and after one H20 treatment

BOOK NOW – with Microdermabrasionwithout Microdermabrasion


Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

What … aluminium oxide crystals gently remove dead skin cells to reveal new skin, followed by a lifting and firming mask
Why … If you have dull, tired looking skin; Large pores; Blackheads; Makeup sits on top of skin and ‘pools’; uneven skintone. No downtime.
Frequency … Ad hoc, monthly or a course 3 over 6 weeks
Cost … Individual treatment £45; Course £135 with £40 free products

Photos below show results before and after one Microdermabrasion treatment


Unsure about which one is for you? Then book a free no-obligation consultation to help you decide.

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