Frozen Treatment

Crystal Clear Frozen treatment :
Four age defying processes in one treatment

A minimally invasive machine-delivered skin treatment that significantly reduces lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates skin texture and firmness after just one treatment.     Book Online

#1  Exfoliation

Either with Oxygen Crystal scrub, or MicroDermabrasion, that gently exfoliates skin and triggers new collagen production creating softer, plumper skin

#2  CryoOxygen

Super-cooled pure oxygen is pushed directly into the skin to stimulate, energise and cool

#3  Microchanneling

Creates tiny channels progressing from 0.25mm to 1.0mm over 12 weeks, allowing deep absorption of active serums to kick start an influx of collagen

#4  Oxygen Therapy

Breathes new life into cells revitalising them from the inside out

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Visible results after the first Frozen treatment at Tranquil Beauty – see before and after photos below

Course Prices

Only available as a course of 6 over 12 weeks (one every 2 weeks)

Payable in 2 installments and includes home care sample products and one treatment half price
Maintenance – one treatment a month

Course of 6 without Microdermabrasion – 60 mins each £467.50
Course of 6 with Microdermabrasion – 75 mins each £522.50
Monthly maintenance without Microdermabrasion – 60 mins £85
Monthly maintenance with Microdermabrasion – 75 mins £95







What the press say

Top Sante – “My complexion definitely looked more lifted”

The owner of Tranquil Beauty (Anna) – Before and after 1st Frozen treatment with Microdermabrasion (Click on the images to enlarge)









One of Anna’s Clients – Before and After 1st Frozen treatment with Microdermabrasion
(Click on the images to enlarge)













Collagen is one of the main elements to keep skin plump and toned, but it's production slows right down from 30's onwards, leaving skin to lose firmness and elasticity.

The combination of Exfoliation, Cryo Oxygen, Microchanneling and Oxygen Therapy ith the addition of bespoke infusions, which all stimulate your skins' natural production of collagen, increases hydration and evens out skin tone in the deeper layers of the skin where ageing begins.

The treatment is painless, with no downtime and results are immediate with skin beautifully plumped, tauter and more hydrated. However to have a long-lasting results a course of 6 over 12 weeks is essential.
You will see results after your first treatment - we take before and after pictures so that you can really see there is a difference.

The result will get better and better as new Collagen production is kick-started around day 4 after each treatment.

It's only available as a course - to stimulate your skins natural production of collagen takes repetition and time, a bit like going to the gym - you can't go once and get a toned beach-ready stomach!

The course is 6 treatments over 12 weeks at 2-week intervals ensures we are stimulating collagen production on an ongoing basis with Micro-Channelling roller progressing from 0.25mm to 1.0mm

To maintain results after the course you will need to have one treatment a month at 1.0mm.

What does COMCIT do for skin?

  • Helps firm ageing, lax skin.
  • Smoothes and plumps lines and wrinkles
  • Helps repair the effects of sun damage, including pigmentation
  • Perfect for acne-prone skin (anti-bacterial effects of both oxygen and the infusion)
  • Allows deep penetration of active skincare ingredients into the skins layers
  • Hydrates skin
  • Provides oxygen to all levels of the skin
  • Stimulates Collagen production at a cellular level
  • Helps smooth stretch marks and acne scarring
  • Works on areas of skin laxity

During your course of COMCIT™ you can return to your normal lifestyle immediately, with no downtime or interruption to your daily routine.

How long does it take to see the results?

Results are immediate. Due to the simultaneous action of four skin rejuvenation technologies, you will notice the difference after your very first treatment. Your skin will be beautifully plumped and feel firmer. The result will get better and better as new Collagen production is kick-started around day 4. For the ultimate rejuvenation we recommend a course of 6 treatments, taken 2 weeks apart.

Why do I need to wait for 2 weeks before I have a further treatment?

How does COMCIT™ work?

There are 4 modes of action: Cryo Therapy, Oxygen, Microchannelling and Skin Infusion work simultaneously, and in harmony, to encourage your skin to naturally repair itself by increasing Collagen production. Your skin is left beautifully hydrated, with an instant firming and plumping effect

Is it safe?  Does it hurt?

COMCIT™ is an extremely safe, bloodless treatment. It is completely pain free due to the Cryo Oxygen Therapy that cools the skin.

How will I look after treatment?

Immediately after your COMCIT™ treatment your skin may look a little pink but this will start to subside after 1 to 2 hours. However most clients skin just look healthy with a lovely rosy glow.

Do I need to use any specific products in between treatments?

It is important that you use COMPLEX-C home care products - their active ingredients not only protect your skin after the treatment, but also enhance the results of your treatment.  When you buy your first course of either 3 or 6 treatments we give you a a treatment aftercare pack worth £60 for free.
Additonal products can be purchased and we can advise you on this.

Can I wear make-up after treatment?

Yes as long as it is a mineral make-up.