DermaQuest Treatments

DermaQuest Treatments

These are product-delivered treatments and are perfect if you want a facial treatment that is active and delivers results after one treatment. Packed full of peptides and stem cells and other powerful active ingredients that help slow down and, in some cases, reverse the damage within our skin.



Advanced facial treatments

Peptide Vitality – active facial that has a pleasant tingle and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. Stimulates collagen production to plump, firm and smooth skin
Retinol Infusion – the perfect pick me up for dull, dry, lifeless looking skin, retinol gives instant radiance and restores hydration and vitality to skin. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Regenerating facial treatments

A step up from the Advanced Facial Treatments, there is sometimes a warm feeling on the skin during the treatment.

Peptide – instant lift and increased firmness, exfoliating for a smoother, finer complexion
Rosacea – gentle and hydrating, calm irritated skin; kills skin mites that can cause irritation and redness
Pumpkin – Controls acne, reduces large pores and increases cell turnover. Primary for a first treatment, and Power for extra results