Electrolysis for Skin

Electrolysis can help remove or reduce many unsightly skin marks.  A tiny sterile needle is inserted into the skin and a burst of heat is applied. This will quaterise any blood supply and is also used to cut away skin tags.

We work in 20-minute sessions, and the items marked with * can be treated in the same session, depending on the number and size of the marks.  Skin Tags are treated in a separate session.

There is more information in our Electrolysis for Skin Leaflet, including essential aftercare, and when to avoid having a treatment done.

We can treat the following:

Thread Veins* £40 Very fine veins often visible on nose and cheeks and can be red, blue or purple in colour
Spider Veins* £40 Small red dot with very fine thread veins radiating from the centre
Cherry Angioma / Campbell Spot* £40 Bright red dot, sometimes raised, and often found on the chest and abdomen
Milia* £40 Small hard bumps the size of a pinhead, whitish or yellow
Skin Tags £45 Soft limp raised tissue with normal or pigmented tone. Found where there is friction e.g. neck, underarm, under bust