Skin Tags, Thread Veins, Milia and Angioma removal

The NHS no longer treat Skin Tags, Thread Veins, Milia and Angioma’s for cosmetic reasons, and so if you want to get rid of unsightly skin marks like these, your only option is to pay for treatment.

We are fully qualified in using Electrolysis as a treatment method and have achieved fantastic results after just one treatment – see the before and after pictures below.

Skin Tag on back on neck before
treatment (only one required)
After (once healed)

Skin Tag on upper eyelid

After (once healed)
Thread Veins on cheeks
before first treatment
Thread Veins on cheeks – after 1 week

Thread Veins on nose
before first treatment
Thread Veins on nose – a few days after

Thread vein inside nostril – before


We work in 20-minute sessions, and the items marked with * can be treated in the same session, depending on the number and size of the marks.  Skin Tags are usually treated in a separate or additional session.

There is more information in our Electrolysis for Skin Marks and Tags, including essential aftercare, and when to avoid having a treatment done.

We can treat the following:

Thread Veins / Spider Veins* £40 Very fine veins often visible on nose and cheeks and can be red, blue or purple in colour
Cherry Angioma / Campbell Spot* £40 Bright red dot, sometimes raised, and often found on the chest and abdomen
Milia* £40 Small hard bumps the size of a pinhead, whitish or yellow
Skin Tags £45 Soft limp raised tissue with normal or pigmented tone. Found where there is friction e.g. neck, underarm, under bust