Crystal Clear Facials


These hands on facials are tailored to your skin concerns with the most effective products. Along with the skill of your therapists ‘hands on’ techniques, product will be gently pushed into your skin, encourage lymphatic drainage, and lift and stimulate the facial muscles.

Hydrating Facial

This intense hydrating treatment is the perfect choice for lifeless, dehydrated, aging and sensitive skin to give a fresher and more hydrated complexion

Brightening Facial

The perfect facial for skin that needs a bit more, bringing back clarity, firmness, and help with uneven skin tone

Blemish Defence Facial

For oily, combination, congested, open pores and acne prone skin, this gentle facial will re-balance the skin

Hydrating, Brightening and Blemish Defence Facials (40 mins) £51
Course of 3 over 6 weeks (one 1/2 price) £127.50


Stay Young Intense Anti Aging Facial

This intense treatment uses the power of Ionic and Sonic tools to open the pores and push product into the deeper layers of skin. A lifting mask hydrates and firms and Pure Hyaluronic serum, lift and firms to maximum effect.

Stay Young Intense Ant Aging Facial £71
Course of 3 over 6 weeks (one 1/2 price) £177.50