We use Strip and Hot waxing methods, depending on the areas to be treated.

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We use PHD Tube waxing for Strip Waxing for any facial and body waxing.
PHD tube is the most hygenic method of waxing as every treatment has a new applicator fitted, and disposed of at the end of the treatment.

We use Lycon Hot Wax for Brazilian and Hollywood waxing, as well as for standard and extended bikini waxing for very sensitive skin. Lycon wax shrink-wraps around the hair, and can be used on hair as 1mm. A ;layer of oil is applied to the skin before the wax to ensure that no skin is removed or damaged.

Our 4 different Bikini waxing explained
Standard Bikini Waxing – removes hairs around the knicker line – perfect if you just want to be tidy,
or any time of year when you are swimming.
Extended Bikini Waxing – removes hair from about 2cm above the knicker line, and also from the
top and any hair to the belly button, and around the bottom knicker line.
Brazilian Bikini Waxing – removes hair all hair from the pubic area, just leaving a ‘runway’ strip on the front pubic area. Uses Lycon Hot Wax.
Hollywood Bikini Waxing – removes hair all hair from the pubic area. Uses Lycon Hot Wax.

Facial Waxing

Strip Wax Hot Wax
Brow £16 £17
Lip or Chin £14 £16
Sides of face £21
Brow Tweeze – £18

Body Waxing

Strip Wax Hot Wax
Standard Bikini £19 £25
Extended Bikini £24 £31
Brazilian (Lycon Hot Wax) £43
Hollywood (Lycon Hot Wax)  £46
Underarm £17
1/2 Arm £22
Full Arm £31
1/2 Leg (to over knee) £26
3/4 Leg £28
Full Leg £34

Leg/Bikini Combination

Strip wax Bikini Bikini Hot wax add on
1/2 leg and standard bikini £38 £7
3/4 leg and standard bikini £40 £7
Full leg and standard bikini £47 £7
1/2 leg and extended bikini £43 £9
3/4 leg and extended bikini £45 £9
Full leg and extended bikini £51 £9

Male Waxing

Strip Wax Hot Wax
Chest or Back (inc. upper arm) £36 Call for price
Back only £29 Call for price


phdlogoPhD is a tube wax system and not a spatula or roll-on system.

The unique PhD applicator head is attached to the tube of high quality wax and is applied directly onto the treatment area. The applicator head has a unique 'gate mechanism' which prevents wax from re-entering the tube during treatment, and then the applicator is thrown away after each treatment eliminating the risk of cross contamination (especially in areas prone to bleeding)

PhD is the original, tried and tested tube applicator waxing system now used in thousands of salons and by mobile therapists worldwide.

PhD is the only system that reduces the risk of cross infection from one client to another.

logo-lyconLycon Hot Wax is a low temperature formula, that shrink-wraps and removes hair as short as 1mm, is very pliable and painless for most people.

Should there be difficult or stubborn hair growth to remove, Lycon Hot Wax can be re-applied on the same area many times without the wax feeling too hot and without skin trauma or irritation.

Ideal for Brazilian and Hollywood bikini waxing, as hair can be as short as 1mm.