Shellac Gel

Discover the difference with Shellac Gel

Do you find normal polish manicures chip quickly? Do you want to find an alternative to Acrylics and Tips? Would you like stronger, longer nails? Then take a look at Shellac Gels – they are chip proof, dent proof, smudge proof , last for up to 2 weeks, and with no damage on removal.

Shellac Manicures

Shellac Mini Manicure (file & gel only) £25
Shellac Classic Manicure £36
Shellac Luxury Manicure £41
Soak off + Shellac Mini Manicure £33
Soak off + Shellac Classic Manicure £43
Soak off + Shellac Luxury Manicure £48
Soak off + Polish Mini Manicure £26
Soak off + Polish Classic Manicure £36
Soak off + Polish Luxury Manicure £41
Soak off + tidy nails and cuticles £22

Shellac Pedicures

Shellac Mini pedicure £32
Shellac Classic pedicure £42
Shellac Luxury pedicure £46
Soak off + Shellac Mini pedicure £37
Soak off + Shellac Classic pedicure £49
Soak off + Shellac Luxury pedicure £51
Soak off + Polish Mini pedicure £27
Soak off + Polish Classic pedicure £38
Soak off + nails and cuticles tidy £26

Nail Repairs

Gel replacement (each) £3.50
Nail repair with Silk (each) £3.50

The Top 5 reasons why CND® SHELLAC® brand is the only choice for nail colour:
1  –  14+ days of high-performance wear
2  –  Stunning crystal shine
3  –  Zero dry time
4  –  Incredible 5-minute removal
5  –  No nail damage

Shellac Gels - why and what's the difference?

Kinder than acrylic or false nails hellac Gels provide strong, hardwearing, non-chip, natural looking glossy nails; easy to remove & leaves your nails undamaged. It looks fantastic on fingers as well as toes!


Unlike some other gel treatments Shellac does not require buffing, primers or bonders on nails.
A classic Manicure (or pedicure) is carried out and the the gels are applied - a clear base, 2 colour coats & a clear top gel are applied with each coat 'cured' (set hard) under a UV lamp.

Afterwards your polish is ... dry .... hard .... chip proof .... and it lasts for 2 weeks or more!


Shellac Gels are quicky and easy to remove. Unlike acrylics there is no drilling, sanding or filing & therefore no heat or discomfort. To remove -

1) top layer of gel is made matt with a light buff to the gel (NOT the nail!).
2) then wrapped in a remover patch and left for 5 minutes~
3) remove the wrap with a twist and the gel comes off.
We recommend you have gels removed professionally at the salon, or call in and purchase a home gel removal kit

Gel Pedicures

Shellac Gels can be used on toenails too! The treatment includes all the elements of a classic pedicure.
No need to remember flip-flops with a gel pedicure! Your gel polish is instantly dry .... hard .... chip proof .... you can put your tights/socks and shoes straight back on!

No nicks, smudges or dents ... and it lasts for weeks!

Shellac removalProper removal and care will ensure your nails stay healthy and beautiful. Simply removed in salon or at home (using a CND Shellac Remove Tube Kit), the nails are wrapped in a pad with an acetone-mix, left to soak for a few minutes and then the gel bubbles and slides off.

Removal in-salon includes a file and cuticle tidy as well as Solar Oil to rehydrate the nails, leaving them healthy.